iOS 17.1.1 is something business owners need to know about. Some Apple fans can’t wait for iOS updates to remedy existing bugs or introduce new techniques. However, many also feel that aesthetic updates or those that don’t make any improvements are a downgrade.

Decide for yourself as we summarize the update below. The new iOS 17 may benefit business owners in several ways.

The 17th Update: Fixed Bugs from Previous iOS

The upgrade significantly enhances existing features by fixing bugs. 

For example, Apple Pay was a problem. Many who enjoy the convenience of wireless charging on iPhone 15's on the go noticed Apple Pay stopped sending or receiving money immediately after they charged it this way. The iOS 17 update solves this issue and other concerns, such as:

  • Weather lock screen widget: iOS formerly displayed the snow symbol inaccurately, causing confusion.
  • Battery life: The update solves the problem of a faster-draining battery.

Further iOS Security Updates For Safer Businesses and Customers

With some of the previous issues, it’s fortunate that the iOS 17.1.1 update addresses security issues. While it is not impervious to vulnerabilities, iOS 16 and 17 had more security glitches and half the amount of patches. Apple’s technicians are conducting over 70 patches between 17 and 17.1 for a trustworthy and much more secure operating system. 

For business owners and customers, that means better-protected information. 

Apple Feature Updates: More Business Optimization

What existing features is Apple enhancing? For one, you can continue the process of air dropping photos and other content, even out of range. 

Other iOS updates that business owners and their customers will enjoy equally include the following:

  • Song suggestions based on your playlist
  • New cover art to reflect your playlists
  • Expanded Favorites
  • Better keyboard responsiveness
  • Purchased and custom ringtones appear for text tones
  • Improved caller ID while on another call
  • Significant Location privacy doesn’t reset when pairing an Apple watch or switching over
  • The ability to leave a video or audio message if the person doesn’t answer your call
  • Interactive widgets that allow you to take action from the lock or home screens
  • A personal voice for Facetime calls and Live Speech if you feel you’re losing your voice
  • Assistive access so that iPhone users can access visuals or larger texts to navigate their phones and apps and more

The Verdict: IOS 17.1 for Business Owners

Running a successful business requires hard work and dedication, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use technology to help you work smarter in certain areas of your operation. Updating to iOS 17 will ensure business owners and their customers enjoy a smoother experience.


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